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3838Techniques of applying EBRU

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  • oguzhan tugrul
    Nov 3, 2006
      esteemed friends,

      the Istanbul Book fair will end this Sunday.

      Today I found at Istanbul Municipality Culture A.S stand


      2 CD hobby enlightment ! set
      introduction of brief history by Alparaslan Babaoglu
      (of traditional Turkish marbling art - no alum !!!)
      and materials used in Turkish marbling
      and how to make a traditional horse horse-rose stem brush
      (really neat description)

      unfortunately the file of actual application of Ebru techniques by the narrator did not open up....

      (I will inform them and try to get a new one !)

      2nd CD had tutorials by 2 other marblers
      on how to marble cloth (with alum!)
      wooden box using tarraganth gum

      and in plain water using ceramic pigments
      on tiles and another 3D object candy jar and its lid....

      Mr.Babaoglu was strict on being loyal to tradition,

      but the other 2 marblers were (kinda) promoting Pebeo
      marbling pigments and it turned out one of them
      was a demonstrating craftswoman for the company.

      no other comment - other than the light was a bit poor
      to get a real clear view.

      EBRUPA news


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