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3837New Turkish Site- Konya Regional Manuscript Library Administration

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  • Jake Benson
    Oct 31, 2006
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      Here is a site of recently mounted by the Konya District Manuscript
      Library Administration. The site is in Turkish.


      this is in turn hosted by


      The images are not great, but interesting neverthless. I wish that
      they posted some bibliographic information along with the images, as
      it really doesn't say much.

      The section on "husnu hatt" or calligraphy, also features some more
      images, many apparently very modern. however, once again, no further
      information is provided about the pieces or who made them.

      An English description of the librarie's policies mentions that one no
      longer needs to obtain a special visa in order to perform research.
      Hopefully this will facilitate more visits resulting in more through
      research and documentation!

      Jake Benson