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3748combined gels

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  • Jake Benson
    Aug 31, 2006
      Thanks Garret and Iris,

      Now I see that I mixed far too much trag in my mix- a full 50% 50%
      mix. Hence the "stringy" results.

      I have wonderd whether using a different form of carrageenan would
      also help here. As I understand it, the powdered extract that is used
      by many of us for marbling is LAMBDA carrageenan, which is very fine.
      I wonder if mixing in another variety. For example, would adding a
      small amount of KAPPA or IOTA carrageenan results in a stronger gel?

      I tried boiling seaweed once, but i think it was old, and the quality
      poor. However I do understand the natural stuff has all three types
      combined. I wonder if a little bit of boiled seaweed, added to the
      lambda gel, may also help?

      Once I did try adding a little cold water dispersible Methyl Cell to
      lambda carrageenan to see if I could work with that. I added a very
      small amount, but it changed the properties so greatly that I had a
      hard time getting my hand-made water colors to float on it properly.
      I bet it would have worked just fine for acrylic paints.

      Jake Benson
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