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3727Re: [Marbling] Re: Very disheartened newbie

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  • carylhanc@aol.com
    Aug 24, 2006
      In a message dated 8/24/06 6:51:05 PM, cai@... writes:

      > How does 3 1/2 TBL of Methyl Cel to 1/2 gallon of water plus 1/2 tsp
      > ammonia sound?  I don't want to make too much, I already have 2 1/2
      > gallons of it that doesn't work.

      WAY too thick! The recipe calls for 3-1/2 TBSP per gallon, and 1 tsp
      ammonia (non-sudsy, clear) per gallon. If the size is too thick, it won't support
      the paints, either. Some recipes have you add more ammonia. The methylcel
      does not actually dissolve, the fibers swell. It should be about the
      consistency of a rather thin syrup for your pancakes, or gelatin as it starts to
      set. If you have the methylcel already made, try thinning it to the recipe I
      gave you. I am one who likes to let it sit to "mature."

      I have used the Jacquard paints in several classes very successfully. They
      have been thinned only with distilled water. The dispersant from Pro-Chem
      is probably very similar, if not exactly the same as Photo-flo. Liquitex
      makes something called Marble-Ease, Golden makes a "flow release."

      But all this should work with no dispersant.

      We will get this worked out yet!
      HTH! Caryl

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