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3676Re: [Marbling] mixing paints

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  • Patrice Webb
    Jun 21, 2006
      Thanks Mary.

      I have tried using oxgall in the past, and the results have been better. I'll try again.


      Mary Shilman <maryshilman@...> wrote:
      Hi -

      It's actually been quite a number of years since I have marbled but my understanding of the process is that oxgall and alum react to attach the paint to the paper (a somewhat simplified version of the process) - if the colors are washing off it means that the alum solution has not covered or penetrated the paper completely. I usually marbled with Colophon colors but I think that when I took a class with acrylics oxgall was added to the paints then as well.


      sanpatty <sanpatty@...> wrote:
      Hello fellow marblers,

      congratulations on the wonderful examples of your work I've seen

      I've had very little success with a half dozen or so attempts at
      marbling...mostly the paints seems to mix too much with each other,
      the size seems to stick to my paper and the results mostly get
      washed off when I rinse off the size. I have been using water based
      acrylic paints on a carrageenan size and have been treating the
      paper with alum before laying it down. I have heard that soft water
      can affect the process, and I wonder if that's what's making my
      paints so hard to keep seperate. I'm confused because I know they
      are supposed to be thin enough to spread out on the surface, but I
      feel like if they're too think they don't leave a very bold
      impression on the paper.

      I just do this for fun, so although I have considered buying some
      paints specially mixed for marbling I'm worried that if it's
      something else in the process that's hindering my ability to make
      clear prints I will only be frustrated by the expenditure.

      Any ideas on how to accurately measure paints for mixing? The only
      thing I could think of is a small fairly accurate scale.

      Is it normal to find it this difficult to get decnt results?

      Any help would be much appreciated.



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