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359[Marbling] rinsing and finishing

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  • irisnevins
    Oct 4, 2000
      Rinsing.....I don't rinse my papers either. I was intrigued by the old
      books never mentioning rinsing, and set out to fine tune my paints to the
      point where they didn't need it.........but the key is to not use too much
      excess paint. If you get the feel for what just enough paint is, at least
      with my paints, I just hang them up to dry.

      For polishing....run a bar of parafin across the paper...not really enought
      to coat it (or it will leave a film). This is just enough to enable the
      burnisher to glide. Take a thin slice of agate with a polished edge (a rock
      and mineral shop can make one to fit your palm with a flat bottom edge
      about 3-4" X 2" or so) and rub it all ove the paper hard. It will mat down
      the fibers and bring out a nice polish.....very hard work though....

      Iris Nevins
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