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  • irisnevins
    Mar 29, 2006
      you need to let the alum dry to at least damp, never use it wet, the paints will come off.

      What paper do you use that needs no alum. I presume you must be using acrylics? They sometimes stick without alum. If not, we'd love to know what materials you use.

      iris nevins
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      Subject: [Marbling] alum

      Hi Everybody, I am new to marbling and am stumped by the whole alum
      thing. I was experimenting with Masa paper and got some stunning
      results right away. Then I decided to read a book and follow the rules
      and put alum on the paper first. Now the paint won't stick to the
      paper!!! I thought alum was supposed to make the paint stick. I bought
      the powdered alum at Daniel Smith Art Supply and mixed it 1 Tablspoon:
      1 cup water. I heated it up a little until it was blended, then
      painted it on the paper.
      I used a carrageenan gel base and also am having one heck of a time
      keeping my colors from sinking. I have "The Ultimate Marbling
      Handbook" by Diane Maurer-Mathison and have read it.
      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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