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    Jan 29, 2000
      Hi, I am Georgie McNeese and I haven't tried marbling, but it sounds
      absolutely fascinating. I am looking forward to learning from all of
      you. Thanks Jill for the list. It looks like it's going to be very

      evibol@... wrote:
      > From: evibol@...
      > Hi everyone,
      > My name is Evi Parissi. I am Greek and live in Piraeus near Athens.
      > I am really thrilled with the creation of this list, which is growing every day.
      > Thank you Jill for taking the initiative.
      > I am an amateur marbler and a craftsperson. I first became acquainted with
      > a very simple kind of marbling in England at a craft fair. A woman was
      > sprinkling oil paints in a tank filled with water, she was swirling the paints
      > with a stylus letting chance create beautiful random designs on a piece of
      > cloth. At the time I didn't know anything about marbling and it took many years
      > to accidentally come across a book called "Decorative Marbling" in a bookstore
      > in Athens to learn a bit more about this fascinating craft. Anyway, it took me
      > two more years to find more authoritative books to teach myself. Not being able
      > to get the right ingredients in Athens (carrageenan, alum, ox gall) my first
      > papers were a real mess. I was very frustrated but hooked, so I continued
      > searching the Internet, asking for advice and help. Norma Rubovits, a very
      > talented marbler answered a desperate message I had posted in some page and we
      > became cyber friends. When she gave me the address of Colophon book arts supply,
      > and I bought the right ingredients, I created the first presentable papers. Soon
      > I was able to produce beautiful papers. I don't have a studio and every time I
      > marble I turn my kitchen into an unbelievable mess, so I don't marble as often
      > as I would like. In September I had my first child, a baby boy, and marbling is
      > a distant dream. I don't know when I'll be able to go back to the tank but
      > eventually I will.
      > Evi
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