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3480Turkish marbler Hayrettin Yangoz

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  • Oguzhan
    Feb 27, 2006
      This friend is another innovative marbling artist

      He was demonstrating at Yildiz Palace exhibition:
      Paper Pulp : Dough of Civilization feb.2005
      along with papermaker Remzi Koklu.

      Nelle Tresselt's marbled works were incorporated
      in the exhibited encapsulated marbled calligraphy cut outs.

      After Tom Leech and Nelle Tresselt,
      he was successfully able to marble handmade Khotanese papers
      which are very thin and tear apart when pulling from the vat.

      Almost first examples of traditional ebru
      on traditional central asian handmade papers !

      His contribution to marbled flowers is another challenge
      to his local rivals.

      He also manufactures pigments and materials for marblers
      and calligraphers.

      Rose smelling inks
      should be tempting enough,
      I assume.

      I have taken his work around the east coast
      at the Turkish Festivals that took place in DC and Boston.

      He is actually a silent member of this group.

      the voice