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3466Re: [Marbling] Re: drying rack, was very large trays

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  • irisnevins
    Feb 20, 2006
      John...when I teach everyone takes home wet and mainly non-rinsed papers.... my paints if you work right need no rinsing.... so many are still wet at the end. They layer in newspaper to go home, and there were never any complaints about sticking, however they are still a little damp when they peel the paper off I think. Then they lay them around a room to totally dry.

      I have seen Don Guyot at a class do this, and though rinsed, I was amazed they don't seem to stick either. I find it easier and quicker to hang and drip over buckets.
      iris nevins
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      By sandwiching the freshly marbled paper between
      newspaper, wouldn't the marbled paper stick to the
      newspaper after it is dry since there would be some
      size remaining on the marbled paper,unless one rinses
      the marbled paper throughly with water which I do not
      normally do)

      --- Dolores Guffey <dguff@...<mailto:dguff@...>> wrote:

      > This is how I dry my marbled paper, a method we used
      > in a Don Guyot class
      > and I've used ever since as it literally takes up
      > "no space." You need a
      > piece of Masonite slightly larger than the paper
      > size you are marbling. Lean
      > it upright on the floor (I put newspaper underneath
      > to catch any drips).
      > Now, hang two sheets of newspaper on the board
      > anchored with clothespins and
      > attached your rinsed marbled paper to this with the
      > clothespins then attach
      > two more sheets of newspaper. Continue to sandwich
      > the marbled papers
      > between 2 sheets of newspaper until you have about
      > 10 sheets of marbled
      > paper, at which time you can take them off as a
      > stack and put flat down on a
      > surface until you are finished for the day. I put
      > them on the floor in
      > front of my refrigerator (overnight) and as the
      > fridge cyles off & on warm
      > air blows across the paper. In the morning the
      > papers are nice and dry. At
      > the end of your marbling session re-stack the
      > marbled papers with only 1
      > sheet of newspaper between them and let dry flat for
      > 24 hours (the only
      > space needed is the flat surface taken up by the
      > stack of papers).

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