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3456Re: [Marbling] Re: drying rack, was very large trays

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  • carylhanc@aol.com
    Feb 18, 2006
      I purchased an "umbrella-type" clothes pole from a local hardware store (it
      was a special order). It folds up like an umbrella and lives in its box
      (about 8"x8"x65") when not in use. I bought some cinder blocks (the cube shape,
      not rectangular) with the single hole to support the pole. Since the pole is
      smaller than the hole in the cinder block, I stuff the hole with hunks of
      styrofoam to stabilize the pole. The clothespole opens up to about 48" on a
      side, and has maybe 10 lines strung between the 4 support arms. I have a heavy
      fabric painters' drop cloth that I put beneath the pole, and when that gets
      gloppy with size or paint, it goes in the washing machine. The pole cost about
      $50, the cinder blocks about $1 each, and the drop cloth about $10. Oh,
      yes, and a couple of packages of clothespins!

      I like this because, depending on the weather, I can put the pole up on my
      deck, or in my laundry room or garage.
      Caryl Hancock, Indianapolis

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