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  • Marie Palowoda
    Sep 13, 2000
      sorry i missed all the discussion lately, especially on oil marbling. i love oil marbling. very organic yet ethereal. diane maurer's books have some beautiful examples, the ultimate marbling handbook and marbling, a complete guide. interesting how technological societies tend to favor the more machine made look of western traditional marbling.
      i am actually writing in response to martha duran's question about carrageenan sources. the pound price seems to be pretty standard. when you buy smaller quantities such as in the craft stores the price seems less but per pound is actually pretty expensive. the pound price goes down considerably when you buy in larger quantities. try dharma. they sell in 8 oz. 1,5, and 25, pound packages. at $28 a pound for 3 cups you can make 14 batches of 1 gallon size.  that is $2 a session plus paints. i can think of alot more expensive activities. and that is using their figures, i actually get 20-24 gallons per pound.  if you are marbling alot or in big tanks go for the 5 pound pkg. it comes to about $22 a pound. the 25 pound package is sent in a 5 gallon bucket that is about 2/3 full. dharma's phone number is 800-542-5227.
      happy marbling,
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