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3199500th member!

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  • Jake Benson
    Oct 1, 2005
      Hello everyone,

      I just wanted to thank and congratulate the group owners for starting this wonderful list.
      When checking the web site I noticed that there are now 500 members worldwide. It
      roughly averages to about 100 members per year.

      It is my sincerest hope that this will lead to greater communcation among marblers,
      sharing discoveries in methods and techniques. Of course I also love the fact that this has
      become a venue for sharing historical infomration about marbling as well. So many new
      discoveries in recent years lead us to question and challenege a number of the prevailing
      assumptions that have been held about the art of marbling for decades.

      Hopefully we will be able to recruit new members from countries that have their own
      marbling traditions such as India, Iran, and Central Asia. In time other parts of the world
      may become etter represented. May our numbers increase in the years to come!

      Jake Benson
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