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3192Newbie intro and question

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  • flower_gurl4eva
    Sep 29, 2005
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      My name is flowers, or at least thats what I go by online and off.
      No, my mom didn't name me flowers, my sons named me flowergurl4eva,
      because of my garden. I like paper and anything that has to do with
      paper arts. Have taken one marbling class and found it to be
      relaxing. I particularly like the Suminagashi, and would eventually
      like to learn some of the styles I see. I am quite fascinated by the
      Peacock effect in marbling, and one day I hope to be able to learn how
      that is done.

      My question is about ink. I have read that floating ink on water the
      best ink to use is Pelikan brand. Is this a fact? What I don't know
      is if I should dilute this in any way. Can someone advise me on this
      please? I tried Higgins, speedball, and a few other inks. They
      actually looked like they were twirling in the water and then the ink