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3187Re: Marbling Handmade papers

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  • Jake Benson
    Sep 28, 2005
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      Joan thanks for telling us about this. We have a products here made by DOW called
      Krylon. It is an acrylic resin very similar to a product called B-72 that is used by
      conservators. It is dispersed in a fairly toxic cocktail of solvents that you don't want to
      breathe for great lengths of time, if at all.

      Just to be clear, do you spray the upper side of the sheet that you are aluming? or are you
      spraying the back side of the sheet? Both sides? It would have teh effect of making the
      paper more impervious to water, preventing teh swelling of teh fibers, and therefore the
      bubbles that you had trouble with.

      Someone said to me they were having problems with a new batch of Arches text-wove,
      that is now seems thinner than before. I have had this trouble with some types of papaers
      that had a little recycled content as well. Maybe a quick spray would help to stabilize the

      thanks joan!

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "sixshort" <joan@m...> wrote:
      > Oops! I made a very bad mistake, saying that I use repositioning
      > spray for handmade papers! That would make a terrible mess. I meant
      > to say an artists' fixative matt spray, which lightly seals the surface.
      > The repositioning spray which has lodged in my brain is for attaching
      > masking paper before marbling. I have been using it for the past
      > week, and it has obviously addled my senses.
      > Thanks for the comments, Monita. I haven't tried acrylics for my
      > papers - the acrylics available in Australia are not pleasant to work
      > with, except for fabric. Will keep it in mind next time I get my
      > acrylics out. Joan
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