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3172Franklin's Marbled Loan Notes

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  • jthandbook
    Sep 14, 2005
      Hello all... as it turns out the marbled Loan Notes produced by Franklin at Passy and held by
      the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia are part of the touring exhibition being put
      together for Franklin's 300th anniversary next year. To see them in person, information and
      your closest venue can be found online at benfranklin300.org.
      I have also learned that the Johannot papermakers at Annonay France were producing wove
      paper no later that 1778 and that by 1781 their paper was awarded a gold medal by the King.
      It is known that Franklin used laid paper produced by Johannot at his press at Passy, why not
      the wove? It seems a forensic analysis of the paper has not been done but is needed to
      answer the question of its origin.
      Best, James
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