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  • maryshilman
    Jun 27, 2005

      My name is Mary Shilman and I have volunteered to serve as the Events
      Coordinator for the Society of Marbling"s new website,
      www.marbling.org. What this means is that we will be updating our
      news and events on a monthly basis from now on.

      We encourage your submissions of marbling and marbling related
      events, exhibits, lectures, classes and demonstrations. No venue too
      large or too small. I'd also like to add that these items don't
      necessarily need to be of events that you yourself participate in -
      you might notice a listing in your local paper for an exhibit, for
      example. Part of the role of the Society's site is to generate
      enthusiasm and a more widespread awareness of the whole spectrum of
      the marbled arts.

      At the bottom of any www.marbling.org webpage click the "add info to
      site" link for news and events submission guidelines. Submit your
      announcements by the 15th of the month to be included in our end-of-
      month update.

      The Society of Marbling is still looking for more member volunteers
      to coordinate the Gallery and the Links sections. Marie@marbling.
      org would love to hear from you.