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3024Re: Marbling and marbleizing

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  • Jake Benson
    Apr 19, 2005
      I beleive the root of the "misnomer" marblizing is actually quite old, and was used on a in
      an old English marbling publication possibly going back to the 19th century. Right now, I
      don't have time to check, but I think Pleger (1914) may have been one of them. I'll be
      looking for this over the summer, as I know I have seen it...

      Many people responded to my Q & A (to be posted shortly) that they thought "marblize" is
      incorrect. Yet if some literature in the past has used the term, is it really so? We may
      prefer to call it "marbling" and to use the verb "marble" rather than "marblizing" and
      "marblize", but I'm not 100% certain that this is incorrect, just a preference on our part. I
      don't find that any one term is consistently used by those who paint "faux marbling' or
      'marblizing" either. So I think to define one word for one method and one for the other is
      convenient, and helps to distinguish them apart, but they are not necessarily universal or

      That said, I do prefer to call it "marbling" and us the verb "to marble", in English...

      Jake Benson
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