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3023Re: Marbling and marbleizing

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  • hamburgerbuntpapier_de
    Apr 19, 2005
      Why the need for this thread?
      This group is a good thing not just for marblers but also for marbling and, as a sidestep,
      for other techniques of making decorated paper. I am a professional decorated paper-
      maker and a member of an international group of specialists that has been established for
      the purpose of compiling something in the kind of a multilingual (thesaurus or handbook
      or... not decided upon yet) on decorated and decorative papers. As you have perceived by
      now, English is not my native language, so any doubles or uncertainties about English -
      and, if it comes to that, American - terms have to be cleared up by talking to the
      craftsmen using them.
      There are very few decorating techniques that have one name only. That means clearing
      up as much as possible as closely as possible: who is using / has been using this term
      when and for what?, and if it is only for declaring a term false (on which grounds?) and
      giving the correct word. And to this very purpose, I have asked the group as a whole - in
      addition to what the others of our 'task force' say. Believe me, there have been many times
      when I have heard one technique or pattern named in ten ways by five people. It is this
      confusion we mean to tackle.

      This has grown to a length I did not intend. If there are more questions, please contact me
      off-list. Otherwise, the thread will really be questionable!

      Susanne Krause

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, David Graham <uuglypher@g...> wrote:
      > No, Paul; I'm not confused either, just wondering why some seem to
      > be, else why the need for this thread?
      > Dave
      > On 4/18/05, paulhenrydesign@a... <paulhenrydesign@a...> wrote:
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      > > susanne,
      > > I;m not confused at all!! I think you meant David Graham!
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      > > paul!
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