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301Sodium Alginate

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  • D. Guffey
    Sep 2 9:23 PM
      >How does the sodium alginate compare in end results to carrageenan? How
      >long does it keep?

      I would only do a day's worth of marbling on the sodium alginate...it would
      start to break down after about 50 sheets. I have no idea as to the cost
      comparison to carraghean, but I don't think it is any less expensive...its
      been too many years since I've used it, and only used it for oil paint

      >Boy, do I remember the days of boiling and straining! As if marbling was
      >not already enough work. Plus the size always came out a little different
      >and you had so many more adjustment problems with the colors. I remember
      >all the sea foam too! And nylon stockings and strainers getting clogged and
      >the size overflowing onto the floor! Gee....thanks for the memories! What a
      >Iris Nevins
      Yes, the days of boiling and straining were messy. If anyone out there is
      still doing it, the best strainer is to go to a paint store and get a bag
      that is used for straining paint...works a lot better than panty hose (which
      would break and you'd have to start all over!). I only had one boil over
      and that was a nightmare.