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2984Korean language speakers?

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  • Jake Benson
    Apr 6, 2005
      Hello everyone,

      Would there be a member of this list able to speak, read, and hopefully
      TYPE Korean language? Marie Ange Doizy made a curious, and somewhat
      vague reference to a kind of Korean marbling. It is at the end of her
      section on marbling in China on page 75 of her book:

      De la Dominoterie a la Marbrure: Histoire des techniques
      traditionelles de la d├ęcoration du papier. Paris: Arts et Metier du
      Livre, 1996.

      The term she gives is "meokchim-ji", but from what I can understand in
      my admittedly imperfect French, is that she states the origins of this
      are dubious, and then frmo what i can tell, she didn't provide the
      source for her info. Would anyone know the meaning of this word or how
      it is written in Korean script? I think it means something like "ink
      attachment paper", "Ink-attached paper", or "ink stuck to paper".

      Searching the term, I ONLY found a Japanese language site sponsored by
      the Taniguchi Shoyudo co, which provides a short description of
      Suminagashi and then mentions the Korean paper at the very end:



      Jake Benson

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