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296Re: [Marbling] Gum Tragacanth (long)

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  • J Dolphin
    Aug 29, 2000
      THANK YOU for this very informative email!!!!!!!!!! I greatly appreciate you
      taking the time to give us all a good lesson on the tragacanth.
      What I observed of the Turkish marbler who was here--was that the size
      was not thick at all---and noted that none of the paints sank.........It was
      highly malodourous though. I also noted that when the paint was dipped onto
      the size--you could hardly see it at all floating On the size and yet he
      knew exactly where he wanted to go--as the colours were not spreading
      widely--and he could 'draw' from any point On the colour.
      I did ask--about the paper--and there was no alum on it

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      From: "Jake Benson" <jemiljan@...>

      > Gum tragacanth is a highly variable creature. It is our common name for
      > approximately 20 varieties astragalus that produce a gum,