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  • Laura Sims
    Mar 9, 2005
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      Dear Gretchen,

      You can use air brush colors with Golden GAC 900
      fabric medium. Once the print is dry it will need to
      be heat set by ironing on the reverse side. You may
      find that some of the air brush (ex. phthalo blue) get
      tiny holes in the paint membrane once it spreads to a
      full circle. If you want large stones instead of a
      manipulated pattern this can be a problem. Add some
      GAC 100 to strengthen it. Golden's line of Fluid
      Acrylics also work well. You also want to get some
      Golden Flow Release for a surfactant. The GAC 900
      aids in spreading most colors nicely, but if you want
      to use iridescents or some colors like dioxazine
      purple you will want to add a couple of drops of flow
      release to your mixture. Golden has a wonderful
      folder of information that they will send you about
      their paint. Ask for their marbling instruction as

      Laura Sims
      Indigo Stone Studio

      --- gretchen vansant
      <vansantdesigns@...> wrote:
      > Hello to all....Well I'm fine tuning my fabric
      > marbling,so I'm tring new paints. Golden paints like
      > many of you paper marblers use.I was told to use
      > the air brush colors (unfortunately I only said I
      > was marbling ,not fabric marbling at the store )when
      > I got home I knowticed the instuctions said " not
      > for use on clothes" augh ...So what kind of "golden
      > paints" do I use for fabric (using methol cel bath)?
      > Is there a heatset for this product? and info would
      > be helpful. gretchen
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