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  • Jake Benson
    Jan 31, 2005
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      Greetings everyone, and please excuse any cross-posting,

      It has come to my attention that some people are having trouble with a
      deluge of individual messages coming from the Yahoo group arriving in
      their mail box. It may be alright when the postings to a group are
      infrequent, but if it becomes suddenly become very active, with many
      members posting, it can become very annoying.

      Here's what you can do:

      First of all, to address this issue, you MUST have registered with
      Yahoo and obtained a Yahoo ID. You can receive a free yahoo email
      account and ID by clicking on this link:


      Then, when you sign into yahoo- whether it be for mail, or for the
      group, you are signed into all aspects of Yahoo. Once singed in, you
      can visit the main yahoo groups page:


      You should see on the left-hand side, all the Yahoo groups you are a
      member of. Near the top, on the right, there is a link that says

      "My Groups"

      here's the direct link:


      Under where it says "my groups" in bold, you will see three tabs. "My
      groups", "Edit my groups", and "Email preferences"

      Say that you would like to receive a "daily digest' for your group,
      rather than many individual emails.

      Click on "Edit my groups"


      On the left, you will see each group of which you are a member. Then
      there are columns for "Yahoo profile", "Email address", and "Message
      delivery", and finally a check box for "leave group". Click on
      "message delivery". There is a drop-down menu with four options, which
      is usually automatically set to "individual messages".

      The "No mail" is useful, say, if you go on vacation and you want to
      temporarily suspend getting mail from the group till you are back. Or
      perhaps you wish to be a group member, but would rather visit the web
      site to read messages when you have the time, rather than get every
      message in your email. "Special Notices" are infrequent postings made
      only by the list moderators, usually for when they make changes to the
      list or any important announcements. Then finally "Daily Digest",
      which bundles all the messages together for a given day into one

      Once you have finished making your changes, you must click on "save
      changes" in the upper right hand side.

      Personally I prefer to get the digest, as it saves a lot of time, but
      still allows me to keep tabs on what's going on.... that said, it is
      important to remember ONE THING when you receive a digest. If you wish
      to reply to a specific message, often your email is set to copy what
      you received in your response. PLEASE be sure to cut out everything
      that you are NOT responding to, so that your message is clear and
      specific. If you don't, you will copy the entire digest and send
      everyone a very long message, most of which isn't relevant to your

      The "Yahoo profile" tab allows you to select which Yahoo profile you
      would like to use for a given group. The "Email preferences" tab,
      allows you to "bounce" you messages to different email addresses if you
      have more than one.

      I hope this helps de-clutter your mail box, feel less overwhelmed by a
      sudden flood of messages, and improve your enjoyment of your yahoo
      groups. If you are truly gregarious and should have the need, you can
      even start your own group, for whatever purpose, by going to the main
      yahoo groups page, and click on "start a new group".

      I hope you find this helpful in reducing your mailbox clutter. PLEASE
      feel free to forward, copy, or retain the information in this message
      for your own purposes and use it to help others who are experiencing
      similar problems. If you are a group moderator, you can even have the
      body of this message automatically sent to new list members who join,
      so they will be familiar with what they dealing with from the start.


      Jake Benson
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