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286Re: [Marbling] size question

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  • irisnevins
    Aug 26, 2000
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      Traditionally, The Turkish use ground pigments. Jake Benson has the most
      expertise in these techniques I have seen in the US. Maybe he knows.

      Personally.....I love the carrageenan, as imperfect as it can be sometimes!
      You will also find great control with it and water based paints once you
      get used to it. I just don't worry about its short shelf life once it is in
      solution. I make as much as I need in a day and toss the remainder. Plus
      size gets dirty with pigment as you work on it (which does not affect its
      effectiveness), and I always like to start a new marbling day out fresh
      with clean size. And since I started marbling in the days when marblers
      still boiled and strained the entire weed numerous times over and it was
      always a little different, it seems so quick and easy now just tossing
      powder into a blender with hot water. What can I say...I love it! Gives
      great results with little effort. Expensive.....yes.....but it does go a
      long way per pound.

      Iris Nevins
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