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285Re: [Marbling] size question

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  • J Dolphin
    Aug 26, 2000
      I have seen gum tragacanth used here once in Ottawa---by a marbler visiting
      from Turkey---I did not have an opportunity to ask as many questions as I
      wanted and could kick myself for that! Anyway---Where in North America do
      you even start looking for large quantities of gum tragacanth????????
      Also--I noted he was Not using acrylics--I am certain these were ground
      pigments he had--obviously brought with him from overseas. I haven't a clue
      how to duplicate this part.
      What I really enjoyed was the maximum control he could get in drawing in
      the size. It was simple and clever at the same time--very attractive.
      From: "irisnevins" <irisnevins@...>
      The main
      > improvement at the turn of last century was Josef Halfer's discovery of
      > proper way to use carrageenan(by cooking it....though now we have the
      > blender variety). It was an improvement over the sometimes grainy look of
      > the old papers (they generally used gum tragacanth).
      > IrisNevins
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