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  • J Dolphin
    Jan 29, 2000
      Now there's something! Marbling OVER a paste paper---if you have a file to
      upload to let us see what you mean--please feel free to do this. I will
      ask--your paste papers are themselves without texture? The paste papers I
      see here around Ottawa always seem to have paint very thickly
      applied--ridging and such--so--I am curious--if your papers are like
      that--the actual marbling on Top of the paper, sinking into the valleys of
      the page created with thick paint edges--what does that end up looking like?

      >From: DKMaurer1@...
      >Hello -- I'm Diane Maurer-Mathison. I've been marbling, teaching
      >selling marbling supplies and writing about paper art for about 20 years.
      >(The last two books were PAPER ART and THE ULTIMATE MARBLING HANDBOOK.) I
      >mostly traditional watercolor and suminagashi marbling, but often explore
      >paste papers, sometimes marbling over them to create special papers for
      >collage. Its great to be part of the community --it gets lonely here in
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