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2699Re: [Marbling] A New Year

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  • Ellen Tresselt
    Dec 31, 2004
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      May I join in the circle and wish for all marblers, and artists of
      every sort throughout the the entire world to be blessed in 2005 with
      enough creative energy to turn fear into love, and darkness into light.
      It has always been my contention that you could show George Bush, Osama
      Bin Laden, Ariel Sharon, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro, or anyone else
      you can think of one of our beautiful sheets of marbled paper and any
      one of them would smile and be drawn to it. This is Power, and there
      is a lot of art that works that way, across borders, through barriers
      of all kinds! Don't hold it inside -- please everyone, make sure you
      spread it and share it in any way you can while there is still time. I
      am not a shining star in the Marbling Tribe, just a member who loves
      this art with all my heart and will do it as long as I breathe, and I
      am grateful to be a part of this wonderful group.

      As for what I listen to while marbling? SALSA, REGGAE, SOCCA, AFRO
      things that get me loosened up and often literally dancing around my
      tray, playing my brush or swirling my stylus as if they were musical
      instruments. In quieter moments, my tape of Emily Dickenson poetry, my
      tapes of bird calls. At one time I had a little black and white TV in
      my studio and I watched among other things, a lot of Dobie Gillis
      reruns. But the thing that was great is that it was a black and white
      tv, so no matter what I watched, it looked old! For anyone who can
      listen to the radio online, I highly recommend WPKN (just type those
      letters into your search). It is 100% listener sponsored amazing
      radio. I doubt if there is anything like it anywhere in America or in
      the entire world. You'll have to listen for six weeks to understand
      the scope of what this station plays. It's great for marbling, your
      mind and your heart.

      Thank you for all the information and thought provoking commentary and
      remember... if the world has cancer, see yourself and a healthy cell!

      I love you all, Nelle

      On Friday, December 31, 2004, at 07:34 PM, Ingrid wrote:

      > Dear Gail, Milena and Iris and....
      > How wonderful it would be to be in
      > your studio as it would be visiting
      > others. Sharing the music and watching
      > you work. Listening to rock or Mozart,
      > sipping a toast,sharing thoughts, ideas
      > and marveling at your accomplished works.
      > You are truly an inspiration and light up
      > my life (as there are others too).
      > I know I miss you all, all you marblers.
      > Wishing you a Good New Year. Ingrid
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