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  • Jake Benson
    Dec 7, 2004
      I am forwarding this message on behalf of Susanne Krause who is having
      some trouble posting to the list at the moment. If you are unfamiliar
      with the books she is referring to, it is an important work on the vast
      subject of decorated papers in German. With many glorious color
      photos, reproducing patterns to scale, it incredibly interesting even
      for those who cannot read German.

      Jake Benson

      Begin forwarded message:

      > The BookArtsFair in Leiden / Netherlands is always a wonderful event -
      > and this year offered a
      > small sensation. The Minotaurus Bookshop, Amsterdam, presented brand
      > new 2nd editions of Haemmerle's basic work. The book has been sold out
      > for years, current rate in the antiquarian trade in Germany is ca. €
      > 220,- to € 250,- . Mr. Sanders, the proprietor, said he has unearthed
      > a whole box of them deep down in a cupboard when a colleague closed
      > down for good. The price is only € 165,- plus shipping, so if you're
      > interested, you should contact him quickly.
      > When I asked him, shall I tell this in the group, he said yes, please
      > do, and tell your colleagues to mention your name when they write to
      > me. His e-mail is a_a_sanders@...
      > Mr. Sanders reads English.
      > Susanne Krause
      > ................................................................
      > Susanne Krause
      > Hamburger Buntpapier
      > Wittenbergener Weg 32
      > 22559 Hamburg
      > Deutschland
      > Tel/Fax 0049-40-81 77 06
      > http://www.hamburgerbuntpapier.de
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