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261Re: Hello to the group plus dropper bottle source

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  • Susa Glenn
    Aug 7, 2000
      Hi, Iris, I had trouble with the yorker caps dribbling & not
      delivering the same size drop consistantly because air leaks into the
      bottle around the cap screw threads. These other caps are like eye
      medicine droppers - they give me more control. Maybe I just got hold
      of a defective batch of yorker caps - I got them from U.S.Plastics.
      Anyhow, I like these new ones better.

      And thank you for the tip on adding water. My difficulty is that I'm
      working on dark fabric and when I add water, I "water down" the
      opacity of the paint & then I've got another set of problems. I guess
      I need to find a happy medium where the paint doesn't crack but it is
      still opaque.

      - In Marbling@egroups.com, irisnevins <irisnevins@c...> wrote:
      > Hi Susa......
      > When my acrylics do that, I water them down a bit. Distilled
      bottled water
      > is best. It slows down the tendency of acrylic base to
      > dries quickly on exposure to air, that's why it happens. The white
      may just
      > have extra acyrlic base in it for whatever the reason the
      manufacturer may
      > have.
      > Also try Consolidated Plastics, they should be in the 800# directory
      > through information....I have momentarily misplaced it. You can get
      > Round Bottles with Yorker caps, and I don't believe there is a
      > order. Price may be about the same or a little lower. The more you
      > they get cheaper, but not by much.
      > Iris Nevins
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