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2604marbling gourds

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  • Jake Benson
    Sep 26, 2004
      marbling gourds:

      About 10 years ago I tried to do this. The gourds should be very
      dry- several months after harvesting. I didn't try a big "calabash'
      style, but smoother "crook necks" and something that had a shape like a
      butternut, as I felt they were easier to turn in the bath with little
      disruption. There is a waxy layer on the gourd that will prevent color
      from bonding- even push color away in the bath. I sanded it with a
      very fine-grit (1000 grit?) sandpaper. I left some of the stem on the
      end, and used it to hold the the gourd while turning it. I tried water
      colors, and it did work, but iI soaked the gourd in alum first and let
      it dry. Then I tried acrylics- and they took really well.

      I kept repeating the process, building up the colors with over
      marbling. It was fun- gave it to my friend who grew the gourds to make
      a rattle with...

      Jake Benson