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2530Re: [Marbling] Marbling on Canvas

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  • Laura Sims
    Aug 16, 2004
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      Hello Donna,

      A smooth surface canvas seems to work best. I do not
      was the canvas, but lay it flat in a tray of alum
      solution (1/2 cup to 1 gal.). With my hand I press
      the solution into the canvas until no more bubbles
      come out of the canvas. Drip dry, iron and marble
      with acrylics.

      Good luck,
      Indigo Stone
      --- enigmaticmatrix <Weshabak@...> wrote:

      > I am totally addicted to marbling. I wish I had the
      > knowledge to
      > answer all the questions about marbling to help
      > others. But I don't.
      > People have been marbling for eons...
      > As far as oil marbling goes, I tried it with the
      > liquid oils also,
      > and got the oil slick on the water also. I tried
      > thinning the tube
      > oils with mineral spirits, but they either made a
      > big oil slick on
      > the water or turned into little "boogers" and sank.
      > Anyhow, I did
      > give up because the fumes started to get to me.
      > Which brings out my next point. Marbling with
      > acrylic paints and
      > watercolors is NOT toxic(as far as I know).
      > Everybody's body is
      > different, so I'm not saying that it's not possible
      > for you to have a
      > reaction. The methyl cel and carrageenan are used in
      > certain foods.
      > Acrylic paints are safe as long as you use caution
      > while using them.
      > The only thing I can tell you, especially if you
      > have a lot of money
      > invested in this art-form (as I do) is to
      > experiment.
      > I have wanted to marble on canvas for years, and
      > actually tried it
      > once about 10 years ago. That was my failure, I only
      > tried it once.
      > So, guess what I did? After TEN YEARS!!!! I marbled
      > a piece of canvas
      > yesterday. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it
      > to, (it looked
      > terrible) but I'm going to try again.
      > It came out kinda interesting, but not all that
      > good. It had lots of
      > hesitation marks and air bubbles in it. When I
      > rinsed it, the color
      > rinsed away in unattractive splotches and left
      > intense areas, and
      > pale patches on the canvas.
      > If anyone else tries marbling on canvas, let me know
      > how it works for
      > you.
      > I believe the main thing about the art of marbling
      > is to not give up.
      > Donna

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