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2527"New Branches from Ancient Roots"

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  • mpmh60201
    Aug 6, 2004
      This fine art exhibition will open to the public on September 20,
      through Oct. 22, 2004: Japan Information Center/Consulate
      General of Japan at Chicago. The web site is:
      www.chicago.us.emb-japan.go.jp/jic.html (not sure this info is
      on it yet)
      Mr. Takaji Kuroda, creator of Suimonga (this is amazing!), and I
      will exhibit approximate thirty pieces of art based on the
      Japanese technique of Suminagashi. Our work is extremely
      different, yet we both began studying Suminagashi in the 1980's,
      and found that the technique can definitely lead to wonderful
      experimentation... in Mr. Kuroda's case, a new fine art marbling
      technique! We will give public demonstrations on Friday Eve,
      Sept. 24 at the JIC in downtown Chicago's Magnificent Mile. If you
      live near Chicago, or can travel to see this exhibition, it's well
      worth the effort. This is a treat for the senses and a rare
      opportunity to meet Mr. Kuroda during his visit to the USA. It's
      taken several years to make this cultural event happen and we
      hope to see you in Chicago! -Milena
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