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2502Re: [Marbling] Decorated paper making and art

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    Jul 17, 2004
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      I believe this was his intention. He also got captivated with making images. He was fascinated by the process in a very pure way, like a kid seeing it for the first time. We had a lot of fun when he came to my studio. He was very inspired, not to become a traditional marbler, but not everyone has to.....as far as I see it, he is having A LOT more fun with it than I am, standing at the trough making hundreds of the same paper!LOL! I highly doubt Taffe would ever claim himself an expert marbler and having the only right way.....he is way more focused on his wonderful paintings. He truly is an excellent painter, that seems to be the main focus.

      Iris Nevins
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      What Taaffe does, as far as I can judge from the screen, is what many European artists did
      in the years around 1900. They fell in love with decorated paper making (marbling and
      pastepaper-making) and combined the techniques of the craft with their art. They did this
      in various ways - some of them dabbling and playing around, some of them studying very
      seriously, some of them trying to make a sheet a unique work of art, some of them using
      the technique for their very own purposes.

      The results were as manifold as the people involved. What it did, in any case, was to
      forward decorated paper making and art as well.
      There is nothing wrong about that, isn't there, as long as the artist doesn't declare his or
      her way of using decorated paper making as the only way. And if they are serene about
      what they are doing, demanding the same effort from e.g. marbling as from their own e.g.

      Susanne Krause

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