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  • Diane M. Wood
    Jan 28, 2000
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm Sissy. I was so delighted to see an announcement about this marbling
      group on another list I'm on. From the first post put out by Jill on this
      list, I realized I had found a jewel of a list. I love paper arts of all
      kinds. I make books, do art journaling, and create collages, cards, boxes,
      and so forth. Anything that can be covered is fair game.

      I'm not an experienced marbler, but want to be. Probably 8 years ago I took
      a one day class in marbling fabric (I was into quilting at the time). Then
      this past year I ordered a marbling kit and played with it some. I haven't
      been real satisfied with my results. I also have done a little suminigashi
      marbling. I hope to one day take a class from someone like Iris. I love
      adding marbled papers to my books and other creations.

      I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning from all of

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