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249Re: [Marbling] Great! but what's it FOR...

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  • thomas fuhrman
    Jul 13, 2000
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      bookbinders would use it for covers or to wrap signatures with. there is alot
      of people who use it in card making as a background paper or as a collage
      material. i have seen it in stores like the paper source in chicago and kansas
      city and also in akios in chicago and they charge an arm and a leg for it.
      hope this helps,
      karen fuhrman
      Jan Walker wrote:

      > Hi all. I have been having a lovely time making little patches of marbled
      > paper!! Endlessly fascinating! But now what?
      > What kinds of folks buy marbled paper and what do they want it for? I have
      > folks coming through my studio/gallery already for other things and am
      > wondering how to present the marbling to them.
      > I guess basically I'm asking a "market research" question. Any advice to
      > share?
      > Many thanks in advance,
      > Jan Walker
      > Rockport MA
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