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  • Oak Knoll Books
    Jun 15, 2004
      Often when looking for references and books of interest to very
      specialized groups the wheat is indeed lost in the chaff. There are just
      to many titles listed in a catalogue to spend the time going through all of
      them to maybe find one or two interesting items.
      With the publication of catalogue 255, "Fine Printing & Private
      Press In 20th Century North America", Oak Knoll has also launched an
      enhanced online companion to printed catalogues. This new online catalogue
      function is available at: <http://www.oakknoll.com/catalogues.php>

      Catalogues can now be accessed on-line in three ways:
      -View Catalogue, lets you to search within a catalogue (author,
      title, keyword), re-sort catalogue listings (author, title, price), view
      additional book images, and place secure orders.
      -Printable PDF, lets you see the catalogue online just as it
      appears in print and this is a printer friendly format.
      -Order Printed Version, lets you send an email to order a specific
      printed catalogue.

      Developing this feature was a major step in our ongoing project to improve
      our online resources. With greater searchability and images we hope to make
      it easier to find items.

      John Laird
      Director of Marketing
      Oak Knoll Books
      310 Delaware Street
      New Castle, DE 19720 USA
      Phone: 302-328-7232
      Fax: 302-328-7274
      Web: <http://www.oakknoll.com/>

      310 Delaware Street New Castle DE 19720
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