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2399Re: [Marbling] 1869's marbling description

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  • irisnevins
    Apr 6, 2004
      Yes....cute stories abound......I wonder if the one about how Spanish
      Marbling came to be has any truth in it.......! I like that one being of
      Spanish descent, and liking a little drink here and there...LOL!
      Iris Nevins

      Message text written by INTERNET:Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Dear all,
      Those three pages in the March 1869 issue of MANUFACTURER AND BUILDER has
      some information about the methods and materials used at that time but
      information given about the "first marbled paper" is unfortunately wrong
      and has NO value.
      Cute stories may make people feel good but eventually fall short of making
      history. There are a lot of reliable resources for accurate information
      about early 16th century ebru works.
      Best wishes,
      Feridun Ozgoren <
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