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235Re: [Marbling] puzzlement over terminology; help

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  • irisnevins
    Jun 9, 2000
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      Yes....most acrylics float on their own, so the main reason for a
      dispersant is to only adjust some to others. I am constantly amazed though
      how marbling works differently for all of us. I find that even though I
      have the world's hardest water, it is GREAT for marbling, and I make my
      size with it all the time. The main thing to get used to if your water is
      hard though, is that just how soft water gets better suds, it also makes a
      more viscous size bath. It's not that the hard water won't work, but to get
      the same viscosity you should add a little extra carrageenan.....for
      example, where the normal recipe calls for tablespoons, I use rounded ones
      and get great results. Whatever works....marbling is one big experiment
      after another!

      And Jill.....is your paint watercolor or acrylic? I suspect watercolor,
      with this pigment settling problem. All the watercolors do that to some
      degree, Cadmium red, and ultramarine blue being the worst culprits in my
      own paints, but they ought to shake back into the solution with a little
      coaxing. Try a little ball bearing, or several, in the jars and shake the
      dickens ought of them. If your size is way colder than the paints, this can
      cause shrinking and sinking, but it shouldn't be this drastic. If you
      happen to have a water softener, don't make size with this water (it
      wouldn't cause sinking but rather a pale fuzziness), buy bottled spring

      Iris Nevins
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