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2346Re: [Marbling] Moldy Inks

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  • Caroline Tigeress
    Mar 4, 2004
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      Quick de-lurk :) I'm Caroline an artist in Vancouver, Washington.
      I'm new to marbling/marblizing, but I have had some expeirence iwth
      other mediums - one of them watercolor. One of my old teachers would
      swear by a few drops of vinegar in her rinse-water as it kept mold from
      forming in damp watercolour paint. I'd surmize, that dependent upon
      your pigments (I use golden acrylics) it shouldn't affect the
      sizing/matrix too badly if a drop or two of vinegar in the pigment would
      keep the nasty mold bits from forming. Just a thought, I've not tried it...

      ...returning to lurk mode, although I'm on wetcanvas ;) if anyone
      else is there ^_^

      papermimi wrote:

      >sooner) and loaded with white fuzzy mold! Never gave a thought to
      >those corns molding. Ugh! I just want to marble . . . not put out
      >fires! I wasted no time getting those things rinsed & cleaned with
      >alcohol. . . stirred the paints and was off to the next
      >adventure. . . . . . .testing my handmade paper
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