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2338[Marbling] Re: Papers

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  • irisnevins
    Mar 3, 2004
      Pamela....are you the Pamela from Ohio who called me earlier? I have been
      trying to call for hours but it is busy. It is best to email me offgroup:


      this will work better than the phone, I will be away from it a lot the next
      few days.


      Message text written by INTERNET:Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Thanks, Gail -- I did not know that about Jacquard merger
      (acquisition) -- headspinning changes going on in corporate US. How
      interesting. I have used Jacquard extensively in my paperpainting
      with great results, especially their Lumiere line. You don't say!
      Hmmmmm seems that marbling just might be the next big wave if
      Jacquard is offering a paint. hmmmmm I'll be off to investigate
      this tidbit of info. Thanks Gail

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