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233Re: [Marbling] puzzlement over terminology; help

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  • J Dolphin
    Jun 8, 2000
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      ........My question is more about the paints---I have some from out
      west---have had Nothing but trouble with them---they settle to the bottom--i
      stir until my arm falls off--then mixing and matching with ox gall--Still
      not impressive in results--they sink--they stretch--everything but lie down
      nicely on the size..........Is it Me?.....My water source? the temperature
      here way up north?
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      From: irisnevins <irisnevins@...>
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      Date: Thursday, June 08, 2000 9:52 PM
      Subject: [Marbling] puzzlement over terminology; help

      >Hi Jan......
      >Yes....different binders...though both dilute with water.
      >Yes, different surfactants Water color uses ox-gall usually and acrylics
      >tend to need something stronger, detergent based, like Photo-flo.
      >Alum binds pigment to paper, both for acrylic and water color. It is a
      >physical binding action.
      >Dyes don't work as well for holding a pattern and tend to just disperese
      >into the size and color it.....you need a pigment based solution.....in
      >other words, a Paint. Marbling paints are called "inks" by many people, but
      >they are really paints.
      >On paper....you are correct...."soft" papers are actually more absorbent.
      >However..very "soft" absorbent papers won't give a fine line.....sort of
      >when paints or markers "bleed". So a happy medium is best. But papers are
      >also sized, generally with rosin. This can prevent the absorbtion of colors
      >even on "soft" papers. There is no one type that works, it varies from one
      >company to another. Most papers, in fact will not take water color marbling
      >well. Acrylic is more forgiving.
      >This is my experience.....other people may have some more to add. Ask away!
      >Iris Nevins
      >Remember four years of good friends, bad clothes, explosive chemistry
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