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  • papermimi
    Mar 2, 2004
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      Thanks Iris -- I firt learned to marble 3+ years ago, loved it and
      knew I would have to own a set-up, (to marble papers for my
      bookarts & paperarts) so I purchased supplies soon after. . . broke a
      leg . . . . put plans on hold. . . mother got sick, put plans on
      hold . . . . now mom is well and going home soon and I've brought the
      marbling out of mothballs this past month, only to find out about the
      paper problems. I'm unsure regarding the age of the Permalin I
      have from Skycraft (whose been quite helpful), but it is performing
      quite well, so far. It is so beautiful. . . I'm really fond of the
      rich colors and how well it responds with the inks which are the
      watercolors from Colophon. I'm no chemist, learning as I go.

      From what I've read, I understood acrylics to be more difficult to
      work than the watercolor (thanks for your encouraging word about them
      for marbling) . . . nonetheless, I like the results of acrylics much
      better and use them in other applications. . . therefore, I am
      chomping to use acrylics in marbling. . . but not much how-to
      information available. . . . visited the Golden Artist's Paints
      website which has instructions for using their acrylics and flow
      release for marbling . . . think that will be my next experiment, as
      I'm familiar with Golden Artist products and like them.

      The nearest paper supplier is an hour's drive and I don't get there
      often...therefore, the trial and error w/papers is frustrating -- my
      supplier is unfamiliar with marbling paper needs . . so I really feel
      on my own to come up with suitable practice papers. Well, to be
      sure,I am learning what papers work and which don't. It's rather a
      catch 22 -- practicing to feel good enough to lay down the good paper
      but knowing that the better paper will also render better results.
      I'm making a lot of mistakes with combing & raking, resetting the
      teeth, etc, etc . . improving daily, tho.

      I was a fortunate early bird in registering for Mimi's class at
      Arrowmont in June . . . making all the mistakes now, so I can
      hopefully know what I need to improve when I get to her.

      I am aware of your interest in antiquity marbling, (indeed, it was
      Mimi who suggested I phone you recently about the paper problem), so
      we've talked. I just wonder, Iris, if the NaturText comes in 70# and
      in deep, rich colors.

      I've purchased some marbled works from those Moth Marblers in
      Sausalito and like their techniques - I'll be going for the more
      contemporary style with overpainting. . . . yes, a long way to go.
      Oh,what have I done? Gone and gotten myself a case of the marbling

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, irisnevins <irisnevins@c...> wrote:
      > you don't say what paint you use? Acrylics are more forgiving than
      > watercolor. Is the Permalin old stock?I now use NaturText from
      > Papers in PA.
      > irisnevins
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