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2313Re: [Marbling] creolin/trough mystery

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  • Guffey
    Feb 26, 2004
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      > This evening my friendly neighbourhood carpenter brought round my newly
      > made wooden marbling trough which is very exciting. But, we are both a bit
      > mysified by the instructions we are working from (taken from one of the
      > books around) which says that the drainage hold should be drilled into the
      > corner of the slop tray section and stoppered until needed.

      My wooded tray was made by Don Guyot, and the way I learned to marble from
      him was that after you marbled your paper you put the rinse board upright in
      the end slop tray section and put your paper on it and then very gently
      poured water over the paper (careful not to let the water get into the main
      tank). The rinse board rests at about a 45 degree angle while you pour
      water over the paper, the water draining out the hole into a bucket which is
      on the floor.

      At the end of the marbling session you can gently tilt up the tray and the
      size will run into the trough and out the hole into the bucket...or you can
      pick up the whole tray and empty it into a sink. There is no need to drill
      a hole in the main section of the marbling tray.

      Hope this answers your question.

      d. guffey
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