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  • renatocrepaldi808
    Jan 3, 2004
      Hello everybody,

      As a new member in the group, let me introduce myself before anything...My name is Renato, I'm a brazilian who lived the last 5 years in Japan. I went back to Brazil one year ago when i got my first experience with marbling, ever since i've been struggling for better papers and i believe that i got pretty far from the start point but also believe that i'm pretty far from understand and control the whole process of marbling.
      That's where i found you guys, that's seem to be a great source of information, so great that i understand, in only 3 days, reading all messages posted since 2000 what i laboured through in one year marbling! that's why i got to say that i'm glad to be part of this group....
      Now...lets leave the past behind since we got a fresh new year ahead...happy new year for all by the way....
      All right, all right lets cut the crap out and go straight to the point...

      This is what i'm using:

      Carragenan: 11g~12g per liter of water
      Liquitex high viscosity acrilics
      80g/sqm and 120g/sqm papers
      Aluminum potassium sulphate: 35g per liter of water

      The big problem is that "sometimes" (usually 2 or 3 days after i treat the paper with the alum solution), when i'm rinsing the excess of size from the paper, the colors are rinsed too.
      At first time i think ...I'll just put more aluminum in the solution and everything will be fine right? Wrong....when i increase the aluminum ratio in the solution, the alum hold not only the color but also hold some size in the paper, and, when the paper is completely dried a glossy film remain over the colors, that look dull and lifeless.
      The funny thing is that the alum solution ratio that work fine in one day, is a completely disaster in another day.

      Does the temperature of the water used to rinse the paper matter?
      The size is too thick that's why it is sticking on the paper?
      Does a 80g/sqm and a 120g/sqm paper have to be treat by different alum solution?

      Any advice/comment/clue/spell or enchantment will be very welcome.


      P.s.: a special thanks to Jill for sign me on...

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