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2223[Marbling] Re: tech questions re paper

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  • irisnevins@compuserve.com
    Dec 10, 2003
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      I got Permalin Tapioca Antique. Basically someone was misinformed and is
      was passed on to me. They are sending some other things to test for
      exchange. The papers may possibly work with acrylics though I haven't tried
      yet, no time. If so, I will have them eternally for my paper and fabric
      workshops at Peters Valley where we just use acrylics.

      Half a refund isn't good enough, but what can I do, It would cost more than
      the balance owed to take it to court in another state. I will take
      something else if it works. Though I would use that up and never deal with
      them again, period.

      Thanks for info and help,

      Message text written by INTERNET:Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Dear Iris.--- Please tell me, so that I will not order the failed
      paper, which items did your receive that performed so poorly? Like,
      which exact things from their current line?

      In the past I have requested a cut from the floor stock from the roll
      my paper order would be cut from. They do have ID on each huge roll.
      They take the roll to a cutting machine and it somehow makes the 26 x
      40" sheets I get in the box. (Usually a broken and tortured box, as
      UPS for some reason instructs their elephanats to dance on my paper)

      This floor sample step did not work well for you,which I think is a
      shame. It is Permalin's fault you did not get good paper in the
      shipment, and a half refund is not good enough. Why can;t they take
      the paper back for replacement with other sorts? Can the paper be used
      for paste papers or other techniques? Maybe you can sell it off to
      some other artists who have different paper needs. It is a lot of
      moneyu tied up. I have a lot of unused paper I would be glad to sell
      off, but I am not too good at getting that job done.

      Yours, Peggy Skycraft

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