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213Re: [Marbling] Introduction

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  • D. Guffey
    Apr 16, 2000
      At 07:31 PM 4/16/00 EDT, you wrote:
      >Hi, D. Guffey!
      >Thanks for the explanation of your device. I sort of have the picture.... I
      >was driving from Indy to Chicago last week for a stitching workshop, and
      >figured out an alternative - knot four threads, and stitch them through the
      >corners of the scarf. Clip the ends of the threads in bankers clips which
      >are attached to a long (wider than the scarf) board. That way I will have
      >control of the four corners. (The dog kept dropping her corner - <VBG>).
      >then, after the scarf is safely down on the size, I can unclip the threads,
      >and pull them out after rinsing. What do you think? I haven't had time to
      >try it yet - just got home yesterday.
      >Thanks for writing!
      >Caryl Hancock, Indy

      Hi Caryl,

      One of the advantages of marbling with silk is how smoothly it goes down on
      the size, with very little chances of air bubbles that you get with paper.
      One disadvantage I see to attaching the silk to a hard board is that you
      will increase your chances of getting air bubbles (voids) on your design.
      By keeping the silk drapped, dropping it to the center first and then laying
      down the ends, you have less of a chance of errors. But then again, nothing
      ventured, nothing gained.

      Best of luck in your adventures,

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