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209Re: [Marbling] Introduction

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  • D. Guffey
    Apr 9 2:17 PM
      Also, I am interested in figuring out some sort of gizwhiz so that I
      >can put, say 36" scarves on the medium without a second pair of human hands.
      >Caryl Hancock, Indianapolis
      Hi Caryl,

      Although I've never done a scarf as wide as 36" I think you could
      incorporate a method I found to do long scarfs that were too long to hold at
      both ends. Get a very, very thin flexible rod (one that will bend a bit
      without breaking.) The rod should be slightly longer than the width of the
      scarf (36"), insert a needle at each end (hammer in the needle carefully as
      to not break off the eye, the larger the needle the better). Assuming your
      scarfs are pre-hemmed, bend the rod and stretch the scarf between the two
      needles. The tension of the needle at the hem edge will hold the scarf
      taut. Do this for opposite end of the scarf. Now hold up the scarf by the
      two rods, it will dip in the middle, let the middle drop down on the
      marbling tank (it somewhat anchors it in place) and then gently lower the
      two edges with the rods.

      This explanation is perfectly clear in my mind, I just hope I've described
      it enough to make sense. If not, e-mail me with what isn't clear and I'll
      try to re-describe it.

      Good luck,

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