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2077Re: [Marbling] Methylcellulose

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  • gretchen vansant
    Nov 11, 2003
      As a fabric marbler,and a really "new-bee" of only 6years doing this.I,ve found I prefer methol cellulose,I find it easyer to prepare,and it "keeps better in the hot seasons.But I,ve read,or noticed, here with other "real" paper/fabric marblers and they like carregeenan better.I found certain paints work better,with either one kind of bath,maybe not with the other.visa-versa. Do you stick with a sure thing,or experiment? thats up to the artist,and with me has kept me low in funds.Gotta fund my art habit...good luck! gretchen

      Geri Burgert <gburgert@...> wrote:Please pardon an ignorant question from a rank amateur. I've seen people
      mention carageenan and methylcellulose in the same context. Are they
      interchangeable? I've used only carageenan so far.

      Thank you for your kind help!

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