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1986buffered paper update

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  • IrisNevins
    Sep 30, 2003
      Seems no one but a few of us are dealing with this buffered paper nonsense
      so far. But everyone, please be warned to not order any paper in bulk in
      the future without getting test sheets of the CURRENT stock....no old

      On a good note...I have tested some theories that there must be a certain
      amount of alum used that would ultimately overtake the buffering enough to
      marble. Before anyone goes crazy about the amount of alum used making the
      paper too acidic, keep in mind that there is still a large amount of buffer
      acting against the alum, and though I have not gotten a testing pen yet, I
      would bet they are still very near neutral considering the buffer. Remember
      the increase in alum is to bring the proportion JUST over the line.

      I used my current ClassicLinen to marbled yesterday. I used alum in
      strengths of 1 TBS. per cup water, 1 1/2 TBS and 2 TBS. I was able to
      marble a 100 sheet order successfully, though there was slight runnof and I
      have a light grey line at the bottom of the papers, which I used to get
      sometimes anyway. The 1 TBS was not as good as 1 1/2, but the increase to 2
      made no difference over 1 1/2.

      Keep in mind that I marble in a way, being self taught, that people
      constantly say I cannot. I alum ahead and dry the papers on a line. The
      room must be at least under 60% humidity, temps no more than 75. I stack
      them next AM, and marble the following week when flat. I do not rinse my
      papers though I did try rinsing with a light sink spray and the color
      stayed on fine. Where I had trouble was marbling damp with freshly alumed
      sheets. Those were ruined. I don't understand all the mechanics and
      chemistry of this but it does work for me. I am using my own brand of
      paints, have not tested others, nor do I have the time to at this
      point....maybe the rest of you can try if you have "bad" papers to see if
      they work.

      I am still searching for other papers, pray for slightly acidic ones and
      will likely buy a ton of them if found. We put a little acid on with the
      marbling process anyway. The papers will last two lifetimes anyway I am
      sure. In the 'old' days when I started, and for many years after,
      bookbinders easily handled deacidifying if they wished, most I knew did not
      bother because the paers were so near neutral anyway. I really think the
      buffering is a nearly useless selling point and has become politically
      correct.....just my opinion, and am very upset about it as I know some
      other marblers among us are too.

      Anyway, if all paper ends up this way, I am determined to conquer and find
      a way to work with it if possible.

      Iris Nevins